We are a family of technocrats.

Founded by Late Prof.V.D Upadhyaya and Prof.Ranjani Upadhyaya as a manufacturing unit for silver based electrical contacts used in the switchgear and automotive industry,now diversifying and ever expanding under the able leadership of Shree Harshavardhan Upadhyaya,we have now added several products to our manufacturing line. We are leaders in the production of a family of electrical contact alloys, most popular being AgCdO and AgNi,technologies for manufacture of which have been developed fully in-house and which give performance unmatched by any in the market.

With the same zeal and passion and that intuitive edge we manufacture a number of niche products, some of them being copper alloys, largely brasses in the form of strips and wires.Also we manufacture solder wire,sticks and paste for the electronic industry.
Our self consumption for copper,zinc,lead and tin being very high.This is how we entered the trading arena on a big scale. Armed with decades of manufacturing experience,an eye for detail and our global reach,we can offer you the very best in the market.

And yes you can trust us.